jUSt A mOm In aBU dHabI

By: Mommy Izz and Aiden

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Monday, 2-Nov-2009 05:58 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The F1 Feva

Terbeliak tgk ada 100 ketul Ferrari atas jalan
Sempatla jugak ambil gambar cepat2
Tak payah beranganla ok..hihihi
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Bestnya!!! I want to go to F1 in Abu Dhabi because ada raffles draw untuk ada chance to win 100 ferraris!!! And along the way to Dubai that day we terserempak those 100 Fs on the road at the Yas Island! With Beyonce, Jamiroquai and Aerosmith concert semua...takpe drool dulu....next year k B?

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Nasi Lemak For Breakfast...

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Dah lama teringin! Tak kisahla kangkung dah habis, saya masak jugak nasi lemak last Friday...the boys and I makan sampai licin!

Monday, 2-Nov-2009 05:06 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Inspirational Stories for My Kids Part III

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At first I was thinking to move somewhere with simple pleasures and simple values...eg kerteh..but my hubby is the city type of person which always love to catch up with something new, something interesting. Then one night when I woke up to feed my baby, I can't sleep and went on net and search about jobs in Doha. I found a few headhunter websites and tried to find jobs which is suitable with his current position and career. I forwarded to him and told him there's no harm to try...he updated his resume and sent all his career profiles and achievements in PDF form to the headhunter.

In one week after that he received an unexpected call from the headhunter which is based in the UK. He told him that his profile is suited more for a job in Abu Dhabi and he will present his resume to them. He agreed (eventhough at that time we had no idea where is Abu Dhabi )...3 days later, he received an interview call from the consultant that needed him to clarify about his skills...the interview went well for about 1 hour, then there's another interview from the principal consultant and lastly with the country manager to discuss about the salary. The one that I was really amazed until now is that the interviewers are all mat salleh and they are all in their 40's but they never had this skeptical thought about his skills and age. The real thing happen before in the past few companies where there's some situations they would not interested to your skills and thoughts if u are still young n don't have the seniority in the company... .that make it really, really hard to enhance his capabilities and my hubby always tell me about his disappointment and frustration towards that even sometimes he felt really low and tend to give up.

Alhamdulillah everything went well, berkat rezeki dari Allah and also usaha my husband to always improve his skills we came until this far. He is the youngest and the ONLY malaysian consultant in the company in Abu Dhabi and had proved to them that age and seniority had nothing to do in his profession. I don't like to sell his saham nanti orang kata I yang lebih2 pulak, padahal bukan I yg berjaya...but he also don't like to tell other people what he had achieved besides sharing privately with me. So as his wife, I think I should and at least this gonna be an inspirational story to my kids and also my nephew and nieces...from what I observe from my hubby, he is an independent person (in terms of work sahaja ), he had this strong willpower to achieve, always love to learn new technology, new ideas and new skills to keep moving forward...and the best part the company also had nominated him for the best employee of the year award for 2 years in a row...eventhough he didn't win (sebab saingan terlalu hebat...his company is a multinational company and the nomination is for the best employee in the whole world) but it's something to be proud about that I specially keep to show it to my sons (eventhough actually I want to gantung kat dinding, but he said, no need lah...)

I think if u want to be successful in anything u did, just do it and never think twice. If we were thinking about what other people said, other people think, I don't think we even berani to come here. But another thing, please also be careful with the offer and mitigate the risk to work in overseas betul2...But usually if the offer came from a multinational company, it should not be a problem because they need to go by international standard and the job that you must perform also must be international standard jugaklah....

Tak semua benda jugak comes easily when we are in Abu Dhabi...I mean bukan senang duduk dekat negara orang, especially time awal2 when u need to get used to it...we still need to strive until now, but in terms of money, we are comfortable...no more hutang credit card we need to worry about, we managed to put aside some savings and the best part I am very happy when hubby always got back home at 5pm to be with the whole family and of course the part when I can always be with my kids. But nnt bila dah balik for good, sure susah nak adjust balik...but I will just make do of it and redha that everything ada hikmah dia and Allah sudah tetapkan semua yang terbaik di atas usaha kita.

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Inspirational Stories for My Kids Part II

So here is the story about his career...I don't think my hubby would like me to share everything but I will try to be careful about details.

Actually his sponsor already offered to send him to study in US, but he requested to go to MMU (which is a blessing in disguise because MMU is the place where we met and also if he went to overseas, he can't quit working from his sponsor because need to pay back the scholarship a lot more). He is not a 4 flat student, but he has this passion towards learning on skills than theory. I also realize that he has this capability to learn everything by himself (no spoonfeeding concept in his life) by doing some research on books, Internet and he wouldn't mind to spend on knowledge and everything that move him forward in his career.

He had worked with 2 small companies (company A & company B) before he had called to work by his sponsor. Inside the company A, he learnt a lot of skills by himself. When he started working with his sponsor (company C), he felt different because it was a really big company and with a basic salary (mind me to tell you the smaller company are willingly to pay more because they usually based on skills than seniority). So, after about 1 year and 3 months working in company C, he quit and decided to pay back the scholarship by installments.

He was dare to move to a small startup company (company D) which can offer him more. After about 3 months in there, he got another job offer from a multinational company E. He went to work there for only 1 year and a half because there were too many politics and red tape to move forward...and they also had this grading system that the salary must be based on seniority rather than skills....and then he moved back to the anak syarikat of his sponsor company C. The anak syarikat (company F) of his sponsor company had realized that he had this specialized skills and had offered him a higher position job. He accepted and a few months later came our baby...and came the part where I ajak him to move somewhere that can only depends on a single salary.

... to be continued

Friday, 30-Oct-2009 09:10 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Inspirational Stories for My Kids

I hope everyone who reads this will take it positively and if u think u can't think positive, please don't read.

I made a promise before that I want to share stories about how we got here in Abu Dhabi so here is how it begin:

Both of us came from a mediocre and loving family. We were told to study smart (not hard) in order to achieve a bright future and we did. We went to the local university (MMU) and alhamdulillah we get a scholarship and once we graduated, we got a comfortable place to work with our sponsor.

After working about 2 years, we got married and started to build our own family. Before entering the big stage of our life, we bought a condominium together to make sure that we are ready to share the commitments. After married, we had to rent a small room for us to live because we had to wait until the condo is ready (it was a very hardtime for both of us but we managed to go through it well without any help from our family)...It took about 6 months after that then we moved in to our new condo...with a basic salary we had to serve a lot of commitments to pay the house monthly repayment, car, bills, buying new furnitures ourselves and we decided that we were not ready yet for a baby. We need to make that sacrifice and target to achieve a great performance in career and financial stability in 2 years time before we move to the next step.

Alhamdulillah, berkat usaha and kesabaran, in 2 years I was pregnant with Izz and when Izz arrives, the situation was killing me. When I am at the office, I just want to be at home with my baby..and when I am with my baby, I am constantly thinking about work...It's not that I don't love my job...I love it very much! I was feeling guilty because I knew I was doing both jobs half way and if I had to give up something, I really don't want to give up my baby. It was impossible for me to quit just like that because of the commitments, credit card bills which ended up that we were really need to depend on both incomes. So I told hubby, let's move somewhere that can make us afford to live only based on a single income.

...to be continued

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