jUSt A mOm In aBU dHabI

By: Mommy Izz and Aiden

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Sunday, 31-Dec-2006 06:10 Email | Share | Bookmark
Let's go to the souk or whatever u heard it is

In the lift, going down to the lobby
Izz pandang atas..
The entrance
Izz muka blur
Look, there's flamingo
Burung kaki pink..cantik pink dia..pakai socks ke?
Nice atap
The goats ..not sure la but got a lot of goat's species la
The bumbung lagi
Gazelle kot?
Adik beradik species dia la
The map..nak naik train ke? Tak payahla, jalanla..exercise
Panjangnya tanduk dia
Exhibit apa ni? Tak nampak ponnn
Deers yg macam dalam cerita snow white tu la
Baboon..nice butt..hehehe
Mandok? Ntah apa ntah nama dia..lupa. gemsbok..baru ingat
Ni homosapiens
Species Deer lain
Hi Big Bird
Nice mountains la kat belakang tu
Looks like savannah
We are on the top of look up tower
Ramainya geng dia
Ni clique lain pulak
King kong dalam glass case
Simba la
Daun dia nampak mcm burung..eh burungla
Here doggy dog
Eh silap, it's a wolf
Get a haircut la
We had a very funny experience when we wanted to go to the souk. We laughed about it so hard and can't forget the moment. Here was the tragedy when we decided to take the tour to the souk (pasar) because Al Ain got a very big souk and it was a 20 years old souk :

We were in the lobby and entering the Al Ghazal Taxi (with Toyota Camry).

Taxi Driver: Where would you like to go Sir?
Me: Al Ain Souk, I heard they sell camel in the souk.
Aika: Is it open today? Because today is the Eid Holiday.
Taxi Driver: Yeah, it should be open because today is the public holiday.
Aika: So, let's go then.

Along the way to the souk, the taxi driver trying to be nice to us and asked us a few questions

Taxi Driver: Where r u from?
Aika : We are from Malaysia. How long have u been working in Al Ain?
Taxi Driver: 19 years. Al Ain is the best place in the UAE. Only here you can find penguins. U walked there 3-4 hours still not enough,that place is so big...
Aika : Wow, they also sell penguins in souk?
Taxi Driver: Yes

The taxi driver brought us far away from the city and dropped us into one big gated place. Dalam hati I, besarnya pasar dia..sebab tu la famous betul but when I see the sign, it was Al Ain Zoo, NOT Al Ain souk.... hehehe, no wonder the taxi driver mentioned about penguins..I think he had hearing problems la..He did gave us his phone number in case in Al Ain we can't get taxi but since we want to go to the souk, but he brought us to the zoo, takut nanti we all nak pergi Abu Dhabi,dia hantar pergi Dubai pulak.

About the zoo, it's fantastic! Hats off to whoever has implemented this zoo. The entrance fee is reasonable. The animals look happy, the visitors look happy and the African Exhibit is the star attraction, in my opinion. For a moment I thought I was on the African Savannah:

Other than that, hubby also accidentally captured two monkeys making babies ;

And here the king kong, he looked unhappy...maybe he misses Ann as in King Kong the movie;

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