jUSt A mOm In aBU dHabI

By: Mommy Izz and Aiden

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Monday, 19-Mar-2007 12:44 Email | Share | Bookmark
Heritage Village

The heritage village gate
Tak tau monument apa ni
Hubs with his new video recorder
Dat's y cannot bring DSLR tak cukup tgn. Me nak carry Izz
The entrance UAE Heritage Village
Tadaa..gate dia lawo..betul2 heritage
Byk greens laaa
Fort kecik, dia buat as monument
UAE Flag..tinggi...
The old souk pictures
Ada souk jual souvenirs la...i loike d ali baba lamp..
Apa tu? Senapang zaman dulu ka?
To the museum kot rasa2 nya
Coach straw bag pun ada jual? hehehe, this is d real straw ones
I lurveeee this pics...pasted in the last entry
Bangunan2 di dabudabi
The seafood restaurant
Hubs, senyum sikit je..control...
Hah, ni konon gaya model arab ni..perasannya sayaaaa
Us together...cam tak bawak anak..mentang2 la Izz tido
Nampak tak bangau cinonet kat tepi jeti tu?
Nak ambil gambar Emirates Palace but jauh sgt laa..
Ada horse la Izz..sentuh kepala horse tu baik je
Ada donkey, Izz naik donkey tapi ambil pakai bidio je
Amboi, macam Jlo nya butt la camel ni..hahahaha
The bedoin camp
Ada macam2 bentuk camp
Ni nak masuk dalam..ada carpet, ada tempat main masak2 lagi
Ni rumah org dabudabi zaman dulu, pakai stone mcm flinstone
Ni rumah apa ntah, tak hengatla beb
Hehehe, kain polkadots cotton pun ada jual..sape nak beli?
The anchor zaman dulu yg digunakan oleh ship besar kot
Ni courtyard house rasanya
Our dining nye scenery
Ada nmpk org main jet ski..teringat PD time acdn jetski terbalik
Nasib baik mama and papa tak lemas..kalau tak takde Izz
Our grill prawns and calamari..habes dah? Lapo sgt terus serang.
Bwg putih or bwg merah naik buai nak kahwin dgn anak raja ni?
Kikiki..konon nak tryla tu konon..hihihi
If only I had been a little less tired last 2 nights when that big storm broke over Abu Dhabi, I would've really enjoyed it. Instead, it woke me up and I watched it bleary eyed from my pillow. Can I have a replay? Hehehe..it was raining with thunderstorm after that sharqi's day...Weird huh? One day the sand storm comes and the other day it rains the whole night! Sejuk pulak yesterday..

I love thunder storms, especially ones during the daytime. The sky suddenly darkens, the birds start to sound funny, a wind builds up and you get your first flash of lightening followed by anticipated thunder rumbles. It's great being caught out in one, having to run for shelter until it passes into the distance ....
hehehe ok now stop talking about the weather here and let's concentrate about the heritage village.

The heritage village provides a taste of life before the oil era in 1970. Its displays an insight into Bedouin life, as well as courtyard houses, wind towers and an example of the ancient irrigation system used in the region's oases. In different workshops craftsmen and women demonstrate traditional skills and the museum has displays of garments, coins, Holy Qurans, diving equipment, jewellery and weaponry from a bygone era.

As you can see the pictures in previous entry, it shows Abu Dhabi as a busy metropolis of spectacular high rise towers, the layout of the city even today reflects its origins as a fishing village...

After one whole evening we explored the heritage village, we went to the nearby seafood restaurant. I love the outside seating, being out to sea gives you a pleasant sense of detachment from city life and you will leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. The food is also good. We had a really enjoyable evening together...Izz really luv this kind of outing, he laughed a lot!

~Nampak tak burung2 putih tu? Suka!!!~

~The old souk~

~Fuh tenangnya...nampak Emirates Palace dari jauh..~

~Time nak mamam..yay! ~

~Kikiki...konon nak tryla tu konon..hihihi.. ~

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