jUSt A mOm In aBU dHabI

By: Mommy Izz and Aiden

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Monday, 11-Feb-2008 10:52 Email | Share | Bookmark
Izz on his 2nd birthday party

Meja makan wih happy birthday banner
Papa party theme - Izz's fav "Cars" Disney Pixar movie
Table decor with party packs
The nasi minyak - yummy
Macam nak gi racing nih
Balloons all over the house
Party hat
Black forest cake, dapnyaaa.. mama pun makan. Habisla gemox nnt
Macam2 aksi Izz nak tiup candle
Dgn muka hidung dia berjaya blows out the candle..hihi..funny
Papa, tokpa and Ain pun excited
Papa cium Izz
Happy birthday to Izz
Nak pegang candle
Tokma kena pegang tangan dia
Dah tiga kali pasang lilin, tiup..dahla ok
Ok, last time
Now time makan..foods habis licin...
Joms potong kek
Sehingga menjilat jari eh kek tu
Aiden tgh syok tido while the party was ongoing
A gigantic birthday gift
Papa surprisekan Izz
Terkejut kan?
Ok, now open the gift
U need help is it?
Shazwan and Izz...Izz suka berdukung dgn Shazwan
A lovely couple...tokpa and tokma
Contractor nak build rumah sebijik
Excited ye
Blakang rumah Izz ada basketball net
Izz tak sampai...hihi
Main kedai2 dgn Ain
Izz buka present from Shazwan
Izz dpt set chu chu train thomas
Mama berpantang pakai kain batik je
Excited dpt byk trains
..TQ uncle Shazwan
Izz is already 2 years old now!

We decided to do his birthday on the last minutes...
Since I had this curfew, my husband had to go and chose his party packs, cake, banners, and gifts
In summary, hubs was the party planner for Izz's birthday party

My dad cooked a special nasi minyak, this time it was extra, super, duper, whooper delicious!
And I really love my husband's surprise plan...
While the party was ongoing, someone came ringing the doorbells and delivered a gigantic gift!
Izz was shocked and it was really funny to see his face when he saw his gift

Happy 2nd birthday, Asadil Izz
Mama always pray you'll be anak yg soleh, berjaya di dunia and akhirat
And mama will learn to be patient to handle your terrible twos stage
Hopefully tak terrible, kay? Amin...

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