jUSt A mOm In aBU dHabI

By: Mommy Izz and Aiden

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Wednesday, 12-Nov-2008 11:22 Email | Share | Bookmark
Our rented abode for 5 nights in Gold Coast

Is it the tallest? It doesn't look so tall
WOW, modern decorations..I loike apartment modern camni
My kiddoz tidoz
Nice lighting kat atas tu
Walkway to the lift
Halamak, teringat pokok kurma
The lobby
Yay, dah masuk room...Aiden terus crawling explore tempat baru
The glass encased balcony...buat I tak risau my kiddoz terjun
The bedroom, also got TV
Our views...not bad
The dining and kitchen
Living room
it's bersambung
It's a jacuzzi!
Walk-in wardrobe
The lobby at night
Izz and Aiden nak gi makan
Lift yg ada unique decorations
Moi so happy!
Dunno y excited seeing Telstra public phone...
Can SMS from public phone
That older building sebelah is Peninsula
Washing Machine and Dryer
Ada gelas
Pinggan Mangkuk yg takut nak guna
New oven!
Free twinnings tea!
Also comes with dishwasher
We stayed at Q1 Resort and Spa. It is well known for it's Q-deck where u can see the Gold Coast view from the top of the tower. It's also known as the tallest residential tower in the world. We luv staying there, the accommodation is still new and it's really convenient....everything is near to our place.

Tempat makan halal are all over the place and in walking distance! Ada kebab, ada Indian food, ada Malaysian food, ada Chinese Malaysian food yg halal, etc Yay, so we tak takut nak dine kat luar...coz I still remember time kat Italy dulu, we can't dine outside because takde tempat halal...and we are afraid to dine at any place just by ordering seafood or fish, sebab of the dishes takut mix up with pork (sebab kena samak) or the cooking utensils termasuk with wine... To play safe, we just makan megi, serunding, ketupat, masak mi goreng sendiri (huhuhu...time holiday kena masak)....by the 4th day dah sedih sangat sebab tak dapat makan best...tempat best, but makan tak kena kat pleasure center of the brains! So...because we can dine halal here, so jadi everything bestla kan?

One more, it's easier for me to do laundry...ada washing machine and dryer sekali. It's so convenient untuk orang yg jadi nomad yg dekat sebulan macam I..senang I nak basuh baju and keringkan sekali! hihihi...Oooo..one more, the bathtub is a jacuzzi! Syiok lah! View pun not bad eventhough from the 12th floor...

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