jUSt A mOm In aBU dHabI

By: Mommy Izz and Aiden

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Monday, 2-Oct-2006 17:05 Email | Share | Bookmark
Ahlan Ramadhan

The view of the park
The park view during the day
The view of one of the mosque
Ramadhan here is not so much different with Malaysia, puasa sama jela. Just the situation is a bit different now. Last year and last 2 years I needed to rush to find something to eat at pasar ramadhan then also rush balik rumah at Kelana Jaya and struggled with traffic jam for Iftar. Now, I can cook and eat at home for Iftar without rushing and worrying how to chow early from office, what is the faster way to get out from the TM's car park and which way I need to take to avoid jam.

During Ramadhan in Abu Dhabi, hubby can go home early at 2pm. Best, kan? Iftar time also at 6pm, a bit cepatlah from Malaysia. Just yang tak best tu here is no pasar ramadhan. . No onde2 gula melaka, no lepat ubi, no bubur lambuk. Sigh. Anyhow, if terasa nak makan all of that need to cook by yourself. But here got something almost the same with murtabak, got nan and got roti canai also. One of the things that was not in Malaysia is the Arabic sweets. It is made by pistachio, ghee butter and looks like raya cookie, but it's not. Quite nice, but cannot take too much because it's too sweet...

I found something interesting to show to all of you. Here got a lot of mosque. I think, around my house got 5 mosque within walking distance. Anyway, during tarawikh, all of the mosque is full so they need to pray outside.

Tarawikh prayer during Ramadhan

I feel a little bit tired nowadays since Izz already started teething. Before this he used to sleep all nights but now the teething pain seems like to disrupt his sleeping pattern. Now he will wake up at night and I need to bring him to sleep with me as he needs my comfort to soothe his pain. Nasib baik we all sleep on a king bed, if not sure berhimpitla. Hopefully this stage will end soon.

Then at 3am I need to get up to prepare sahur. So at night mostly I got only 4 hours of sleeping. Nasib baik also I tak kerja, so boleh ganti tidur in the morning, tidur dgn Izz. Actually, kesian kat hubby because he didn't get enough sleep and need to work. Thank god he can go home at 2pm, so then can also ganti tidur.

Now my new mission is to decorate this house. Hmmm, before this takde mood langsung nak decorate since nak get used to stay here. Then, when thinking of raya we need to raya here, so I want to make our home is the best place for hubby and Izz for the next 2 or 3 or 4 years....So, the best part is shopping la...

My milk is decreasing because of fasting. I can't find the milkmaid tea here so the best way is to eat the fenugreek. Yucks, pahit la. Is anyone knows what is the other way to increase your milk supply? I don't want to stop to breastfeed Izz yet since I see a lot of positive effects on him. Breastfeed baby ni memangla tembam sikit, tapi he is strong and tough, not big and flabby.

Ramadhan night view from our balcony

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